Another Condo Building Votes to Remove ‘Trump Place’ Name from Facade

Another condominium in Manhattan will be removing the name “Trump Place” off its facade, The Washington Post reports. According to an email to the owners of 120 Riverside Blvd., 55 percent of condo owners voted to remove Trump's name from above the building's front door. “Accordingly, arrangements are being made to have the ‘Trump Place’ signage removed from the building façade,” the email said. The Trump Organization did not reply to the Post's request for comment. In October, the condo owners of 200 Riverside Blvd. also voted to take the “Trump Place” name off of its facade. The two buildings reportedly sit on an Upper West Side rail yard that President Trump developed in the 1990s, and the area was named Trump Place to honor him. In 2016, five of the buildings reportedly decided to take Trump's name off their respective facades. Trump's name is still on 11 condo buildings in Manhattan, but CityRealty research indicates that condo prices in these buildings began dropping in 2016 and continued to do so in 2018.