Another Chris Brown Assault?

Does Chris Brown have a Jekyll and Hyde complex? The R&B star, who was accused earlier this year of beating girlfriend and fellow popstar Rihanna, today claimed in a video that he “ain’t a monster”—only to be accused, a few hours later, of another assault-related legal charge. A photographer claims that Brown’s bodyguards physically assaulted him at a basketball court in March. The purported victim claims he took a picture of Brown at a Los Angeles gym weeks after Brown’s alleged physical assault of Rihanna. According to the photographer, Brown’s bodyguards yelled at him and a gym employee blocked the building’s exit, at which point the photographer fell down a flight of stairs and was picked up by the bodyguards, who then proceeded to attack him. The man is suing Brown and the gym for assault and battery, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and premises liability. In the video of Brown released earlier today, he thanks his fans for their support, promotes his new album Graffiti, and does his best to convince viewers of his humanity. Actions speak louder than words, Chris!