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Anonymous Email Trove Allegedly Reveals Bank of America Mortage Fraud

The rumors have flown for months, and they finally delivered: the hacker group Anonymous dumped a trove of emails that it says contain damning evidence of mortgage fraud at Bank of America. The group has been hyping the emails on Twitter for days. The chain starts with an email to Anonymous from an ex-banker at Bank of America, who urges the group to “[C]rack their armor, and put a bad light on a $700 mil cash deal they need to pay back the government while ruining their already strained relationship with GMAC, one of their largest clients. Trust me... it'll piss them off plenty.” Anonymous posted a long chain of responses from the banker, saying it was “part one” of the dump, and suggesting readers search its Twitter feed for “tools” to understanding the conversation. The emails were posted at midnight Eastern time on Monday on, and have not been independently verified, though Gawker writer Adrian Chen, who has sources within Anonymous, says they are for real.