Big Money

Annie Leibovitz's Loan Deadline Passes

On midnight Wednesday, celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz’s deadline to repay her $24 million loan from Art Capital Group passed. In July, the lender sued the most successful woman to hold a camera in recent years, whose photos have graced the covers of every major magazine from Vogue to Rolling Stone. The creditors claimed Leibovitz was in breach of an agreement that authorized Art Capital Group to act as the agent for any sales of her photography and four pieces of real estate, both of which backed the loan. It’s still uncertain whether or not the photographer will lose the rights to her life’s work or her homes, each valued at $40 million. Leibovitz’s spokesperson, Matthew Hiltzik said, “Annie is continuing to work to resolve this matter with Art Capital.” But at this point, it appears that Art Capital will decide if Leibovitz is in default of the loan, forcing her into bankruptcy court, or if the terms of the loan can be renegotiated.