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Annie Leibovitz Faces New $800K Lawsuit

Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz may know how to capture Hollywood greats in their best light, but she certainly does not seem to have a handle on her personal finances. Leibovitz has been sued on numerous occasions recently for reportedly not paying her bills and an investment firm is now claiming that she owes them more than $800,000. The photographer reportedly hired Brunswick Capital Partners to help her after Art Capital Group sued her for an unpaid $24 million loan. Though that suit was settled in September, Brunswick Capital is now suing her, claiming she did not pay a weekly $10,000 retainer she allegedly agreed to in August. The company is also alleging that Leibovitz didn’t pay an alleged “success fee,” requiring 2 percent of a $40 million loan from Colony Capital. Calls to lawyers for both the plaintiff and defendant went unreturned, according to the New York Daily News.