Hottie Spy

Anna Chapman Seeks $250k Payday

Anna Chapman, the “hottie spy" recently sent back to Russia, is working with a new kind of agent: According to the New York Post, she’s been not-so-secretly shopping around her story rights. In her plea bargain with the U.s., Chapman agreed to transfer any money she received for her story to the federal government, but now that she’s back in Russia, she’s trying to find a way around the deal. "She hopes this translates into a book deal and movie rights, but how she is paid will have to be carefully controlled. The money cannot come directly to her, so she has suggested it goes to a friend's Swiss account,” a source tells the New York Post. Her lawyer, Robert Baum, told Newsweek that Chapman feels a media deal is her only source of income. She’s no longer on the payroll of the Russian government, and she had to leave her real-estate business behind in the States. Naturally, it’s already been suggested that she might pose for Playboy, according to the Post.