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Anna Chapman Considers a Tell All Book

Let the offers start pouring in: Anna Chapman, the sexy redheaded Russian spy recently sent packing in last week’s spy swap, is considering selling her story, according to Newsweek blog Declassified. Chapman has at least considered it, according to her lawyer, Robert Baum. She could run into trouble, though, due to a provision in the swap’s plea-bargain provision that bars her from selling the story, not to mention another clause that requires any sleeper agent to give the U.S. government the proceeds of any potential book. Baum told Newsweek that Chapman “knows well that the provisions of the agreement would put any money in jeopardy,” and adds that her “view at the time of her departure from the U.S. was that perhaps she would just be better off trying to re-establish her business in a way that doesn’t challenge the provision.” But would the U.S. even be able to enforce the deal if she broke the clause? That remains to be seen.