Live from Comic-Con

Angelina Jolie's Star Turn

Jace Lacob reports: While Brad Pitt was a no-show, Angelina Jolie was the true jewel of the first official day of Comic-Con. Rapturous applause greeted a black leather-clad Jolie, who was on hand to promote her new film, Salt, which opens nationwide tomorrow. The action drama, in which she plays CIA agent Edwina Salt, was a reunion for Jolie and director Philip Noyce. "We've both changed and grown up a lot," said Jolie of the 10 years since she first worked with Noyce. "Especially me." But despite her maturity, Jolie was relentless when it came to doing her own stunts. "There is no CGI Angelina, no stunt Angelina. It's all her," said Noyce. Not that it wasn't without danger for Jolie, who was injured doing stuntwork on Salt. "I got injured in one of the most ridiculously easy stunts," said Jolie, who cracked her skull and was bleeding from the head after rolling into a desk. She believed she had a concussion when she couldn't hear anyone on the set, until she realized she had earplugs in. They would have come in handy today amid the crowd's frenzied reaction to the sultry action star.