Family Business

Angela Missoni wants to kill the catwalk.

The downturn may be far from over, but the Missoni family (and their clothing) are lighting up the bleak fashion landscape until it is. Angela Missoni, now the matriarch of the famous line, opens up to the London Telegraph about cultivating young models, patrolling the Missoni factory to keep a close eye on fabrics, and the joy of escaping to the family’s pied-á-tierre in Sardinia. But there's one thing Missoni hates, surprisingly: runways. She thinks the clothes are far more important than the spectacle on the catwalk. “For the past 15 years, I’ve been trying to come up with an alternative to catwalks,” she said. “Every spare five minutes I have, I try to imagine a different way of doing it – something less cold and distant. By 2010 I want there to be an alternative.”