Andrew Sullivan: The Most Depressing Debate Yet

As he live-blogged his way through Tuesday night's debate, the Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan came to curious realization. Despite his own conservatism, he felt utterly "detached" from the arguments being made by the Republican candidates. "I think [it's] because I respect the president and have some sympathy with the appalling legacy he was bequeathed" by President Bush. Aside from Jon Huntsman, who Sullivan says he "can understand and appreciate," every candidate in the field fails to rise to the level of debate conservatism deserves. From Rick Perry, who is a "an empty, bad suit," to Mitt Romney, "who lies with such facility it unnerves me," and Newt Gingrich who is "a giant, gaseous asshole," the cast of candidates appears to have sent Sullivan into an early bout of campaign depression.