Author Interview

An Infrastructure Manifesto

Just when you thought everything else is falling apart, turns out infrastructure needs to be fixed too. Felix Rohatyn’s new book, Bold Endeavors: How Our Government Built America and Why it Must Rebuild Now, due out later this month, is an ode to the good ol’ days of the Eerie Canal and the Transcontinental Railroad -- and a handbook for how the country can improve its public works. Rohatyn, who helped New York emerge from financial woes in 1975, weighs in on the current crisis. “I totally support Obama, but I would argue in favor of a great amount of infrastructure investment and probably fewer tax cuts,” he said. In an interview with the New York Times, the infrastructure-guru also discusses the importance of new construction, how engineering school is underrated, and what we can learn from the French. “I thought of calling my book Rebuilding America,” Rohaytn said. “That is kind of yuck.”