America's World Apology Tour

In country after country, U.S. diplomacy is sending a powerful message: our bad. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in Trinidad and Tobago for this weekend's Latin American summit, has been leading the charge for the newly repentant America, delivering speeches around the globe offering candid assessments of previous policies. On Friday, she said America's Cuba sanctions had not worked, using the acknowledgment to justify removing some travel restrictions. Previously, she's told China that America's notorious polluting ways give it added responsibility in combating global warming, and in Indonesia she said sanctions against Myanmar were failing to influence the government. The New York Times reports that Clinton's emphasis on contrition has so far been a hit with foreign audiences and leaders tired of former President Bush's strained diplomatic efforts. It's also been a source of criticism from conservatives at home, some of whom have argued that American leaders should focus on selling America's strengths.