Americans Could Be Tried in U.S.

The 10 Americans held in Haiti accused of illegally trying to take 33 children out of the country will have a court hearing Monday, U.S. authorities say, and may eventually be tried in the U.S because of Haiti's devestated judicial system. Some of the group are members of a Baptist church in Idaho, and say they were just trying to help the children get out of the country and start a new life. But Haiti’s prime minister said the Americans are kidnappers. "From what I know until now, this is a kidnapping case," Jean-Max Bellerive said. "Who is doing it, I don't know. What are the real objectives or activities, I don't know. But that is kidnapping, and it is more serious because it's involving children." The accused are being treated well and are holding on to their faith, according to U.S. Embassy officials who visited them in jail. "The intention was simply to go down and try to be an aid in ministering to children that had been orphaned in the quake," the pastor of the Americans’ church said. "It was our intention to be part of a new orphanage. The decision was made that we could house those children in the temporary sites."