American University in Kabul Under Attack

The American University of Afghanistan in Kabul was attacked Wednesday, school President Mark English confirmed to the AP. Mohammad Saleem Rasouly, head of the city’s hospitals, said at least one student was killed and 14 others were wounded in the event, which involved an explosion and extended gunfire at around 7 p.m. local time. Hours later, many were still trapped inside the compound. Special-forces fighters reportedly entered after nightfall. “Several gunmen attacked the American University in Kabul and there are reports of gunfire and explosions,” an official said. “They are inside the compound and there are foreign professors along with hundreds of students.” One student, Ahmad Shaheer, told the agency that he was unable to leave. “We are stuck inside our classroom and there are bursts of gunfire,” he said. The New York Times reported that a car bomb may have been responsible for the initial explosion. Pulitzer Prize-winning AP photojournalist Massoud Hossaini reported he was “trapped” inside the building and that he heard an “explosion.” He added a dire message: “this maybe my last tweets.” Police officials reportedly said: “We’re dealing with a complex attack inside the American University,” adding that “special forces” were en route to the scene. CBS News reporter Ahmad Mukhtar said he escaped but that other professors and students were still inside.