American Joins 'Most Wanted' Terrorists

Another first for America! Daniel Andreas San Diego, a 31-year-old computer specialist from Berkeley, California, is the first domestic terrorist to be included on the FBI’s “most wanted” terrorist list. He is wanted for the 2003 bombings of the offices of two northern California corporations. Authorities describe the suspect as an animal-rights activist who turned to bomb attacks. He has a tattoo proclaiming that “It only takes a spark,” and others depicting images of burning and collapsing buildings. San Diego is the second American to make the list; the first, Adam Yahiye Gadahn, is wanted not for domestic terrorism but for his collaboration with al-Qaeda. It is believed that San Diego is now living in Costa Rica, and the government is offering a $250,000 reward for information leading to his capture, five times the reward amounts offered for other so-called eco-terrorists wanted in the United States.