American Ebola Patients Released

Nancy Writebole and Dr. Kent Brantly, who contracted the Ebola virus while working in Africa, have been released from Emory University Hospital. Writebol was released Tuesday and Brantly went free Thursday. At a press conference on Thursday, the lead doctor with Emory declared: “Dr. Brantley has recovered from the Ebola virus infection … without public health concerns.” He went on to say that the team is “confident … [he] poses no public health threat.” Brantley, a missionary, then took the stage, declaring, "Today is a miraculous day. I’m thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to be reunited with my family." He continued, saying, "As a medical missionary I never imagined myself in this position. I prayed that God would help me be faithful even in my illness … I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support. I serve a faithful God who answers prayers ... Please do not stop praying for the people of Africa." Brantley then shared Writebole's sole statement, "To God be the glory."