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America Sets Up Anti-Piracy Force

Pirates of the Horn of Africa, beware. America is setting up a an anti-piracy task force. Three US Naval vessels and two helicopters will join forces with the European Union’s anti-piracy fleet made up of six British Royal Navy warships. More than 20 nations are expected to take part. The new American led force -- codenamed CTF-151 and it will be headed by U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Terence McKnight – intends to bring to justice the ruthless pirates who terrorize the high seas along the coast of Somalia. At least 15 ships with more than 200 crew are still being held in towns along the central Somali coastline, among them the Saudi supertanker Sirius Star, seized in November along with its crude oil worth more than $85 million. Pirates in the area made about $110 million from ransoms last year.