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Allison Coss Says She Slept With John Stamos at 17

A lawyer for former Full House star John Stamos is denying allegations that the actor had an affair with Allison Coss when she was 17. Coss, now 24, and Scott Sipploa, 31, are on trial, accused of trying to extort Stamos for $680,000 by falsely claiming they had photos of him with cocaine and carousing with strippers. A lawyer for the defense claimed Monday during opening arguments that Coss had a romantic encounter with Stamos, who was also on ER, shortly after the actor, then 40, separated from his then-wife Rebecca Romijn. The lawyer said Stamos noticed Coss in an Orlando bar, invited her and her teen friends to his hotel room, and bought Coss booze, even though she reportedly said she was 17. Strippers then allegedly showed up with cocaine, and the teen girls snapped pictures of Stamos with the drugs, the defense says. The pair reportedly spent some time in a hot tub, then moved to the bed, where Stamos allegedly offered oral sex, a second-degree felony in Florida. Coss’ lawyers say she maintained a flirty email relationship with Stamos for years. (The judge has ruled that testimony about that supposed affair will not be allowed.) Stamos didn’t comment, but his attorney said the claims are “simply untrue.”