Alleged Thieves Taunt Cops on Social Media Before Arrest: ‘Do Ya Job’

Three women who allegedly stole credit cards and taunted cops to catch them on social media were arrested Sunday after a 15-mile car chase in Indiana, according to a Tuesday report from Live5 News. Florida women Amber Dunlap, Toni Huizar, and Tiphanie Sage—nicknamed the “Felony Lane Gang”—are accused of going from town to town in Georgia, breaking into people’s cars and stealing their credit cards. The women reportedly targeted cars outside of fitness centers, churches, and walking trails. “They are what their name says, the ‘Felony Lane,’ they will go up and down the coast,” said officer Ken Malcolm, of Covington Police Department. The trio even taunted police on social media in a post using expletives daring authorities to catch them, writing “do your job (expletive).” “We started finding their social media pages and they actually were aware that we knew who they were at that point, and they began challenging us to go find them,” Malcolm said. Police tracked the women down, and found thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods in the trunk. The suspects are now being held in Indiana waiting to be extradited to Georgia.