Alex Wagner Replaces Mark Halperin as Host of Showtime’s ‘The Circus’

Showtime announced on Wednesday that its political documentary series The Circus will continue for a third season this spring without its co-creator and former co-host Mark Halperin, one of many men in media, entertainment, politics and elsewhere whose career came to an end this past fall due to allegations of sexual misconduct. Alex Wagner, formerly of MSNBC and currently a CBS News correspondent, will take over as an official co-host of the show alongside Halperin’s Game Change co-author John Heilemann and Mark McKinnon, who told The New York Times, “We all strongly believe that the success of the show is not based on the co-hosts—it’s based on the concept. No one co-host was irreplaceable.” In response to one article that announced the news by referring to her in its headline as “female journalist,” Wagner tweeted, “This ‘female journalist’ is very excited!” The new season will premiere Sunday, April 15 at 8 p.m.

— Matt Wilstein