Strike A Pose

Alex Katz Unveils Anna Wintour Portrait

For those who want to peek behind the legendary Vogue editor’s signature sunglasses, look no further than artist Alex Katz’ most recent portrait. Anna Wintour sat for the 82-year-old artist at his studio in New York late last year, agreeing for the first time, to have a portrait painted in her likeness. “Painting Anna was like shooting fish in a barrel. There was no way I could miss it,” Katz said of the work, which will go on display in May at London’s National Portrait Gallery. “I couldn’t think of a nicer way to spend the afternoon. We talked for two hours while he worked,” Wintour recalled of the session. Katz said he asked the proponent of protective eyewear to lose the shades after noticing her “lovely eyes” in the Vogue documentary, The September Issue. But what was the verdict for Wintour? “I was pleased to see that he used a lot of color, which I adore,” she said.