Alec Baldwin Pleads Guilty to Harassment Over Parking Brawl

Actor Alec Baldwin pleaded guilty Wednesday to a second-degree harassment violation for fighting with a man who took his parking spot in downtown Manhattan last November, Fox News’ Tamara Gitt reported. As The Daily Beast previously reported, the scuffle allegedly began after Baldwin had asked a man to hold his parking spot in the West Village while he moved his car. When Baldwin arrived at the spot and found that another man had taken it, he allegedly began arguing and fighting with the driver at a parking meter. He was originally charged with both harassment and misdemeanor attempted assault. Gitt notes that Baldwin’s lawyer was quick to emphasize that his client pleaded to such a low-level offense that it’s considered a violation, not a crime. Baldwin will now reportedly participate in an anger-management program and pay a $120 fine. This isn’t the first time Baldwin’s had a brush with the law: In 1995, he allegedly assaulted a photographer; in 2014, he was arrested for biking the wrong way down a street and was reportedly “belligerent” toward arresting officers.