Alec Baldwin Pisses Off Greyhound

At this rate, Alec Baldwin will have to walk everywhere. After being tossed off an American Airlines flight Tuesday for refusing to turn off his phone, the 30 Rock star has now pissed off Greyhound. In a nonapology apology essay published Wednesday, Baldwin said airline companies have used 9/11 as an excuse to mistreat passengers. "They have made flying a Greyhound bus experience," he wrote. Greyhound CEO Dave Leach wasn't happy about that. Leach hasn't banned the actor, but invited him to take the bus from New York to Boston. If Baldwin likes the trip, Leach says he expects an apology. Meanwhile, the flight attendants' union said Friday they wanted the actor put on the airline's no-fly list while also asking that 30 Rock be banned as in-flight entertainment.