Al-Sisi Sworn in as Egypt's President

Former Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was sworn in on Sunday. In his speech, Sisi called for the development of freedom "in a responsible framework away from chaos." Notably but unsurprisingly absent from his speech was any mention of human rights or democracy. Sisi is responsible for overthrowing Egypt's first democratically-elected leader, Mohamed Mursi, last year. As a result, Western countries have been less than pleased by Sisi's path to power. State and private media praise Sisi while turning a blind eye to his human rights abuses, and in Tahrir Square, where the Arab Spring protests flourished, people wear t-shirts bearing Sisi's face. "Sisi does not enjoy legitimacy or support from the people," said a Mursi supporter from a town south of Cairo. "The election was a farce."