Al Qaeda Shows Off Parcel Bombs in Magazine

In an unusual PR move for al Qaeda, the terrorist group’s Yemen branch isn’t just claiming responsibility for the failed parcel bomb attacks, they’re releasing an online magazine detailing how much the attacks cost and why they plan to do more like them. The parcel bombs found on cargo planes in late October were part of a strategy that the editors of the magazine, Inside, call Operation Hemorrhage, which uses low-budget attacks to “not cause maximum casualties but to cause maximum losses to the American economy.” How low budget? In another article, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula breaks down the cost, listing two Nokia mobile phones, at $150 each, two HP printers, at $300 each, plus shipping and other expenses for a total of $4,200. "We have never seen a jihadist group in the al Qaeda orbit ever release,” said one analyst, “let alone only a few weeks after, such a detailed accounting of the philosophy, operational details, intent and next steps following a major attack.”