Al Qaeda Leader: We Captured American

When Warren Weinstein went missing in Pakistan last August it was unknown who was responsible for his disappearance. Ayman al-Zawahiri, a Qaeda leader, has just made it clear, in an audio message made in support of Qaeda and Taliban members, that he is responsible for the capture of the 70-year-old American. Zawahiri stated several demands that he wanted completed before Weinstein could be released, including removing the blockade between Egypt and Gaza, ending all U.S. bombing attacks in the Middle East, releasing Guantánamo prisoners and anyone else charged with Qaeda or Taliban affiliation. “Your government is torturing our prisoners, and we have never tortured your prisoner,” he insisted. “Your government signed the Geneva Conventions, and threw it in the rubbish bin, and even though we did not sign the Geneva Conventions, we are honoring your prisoner.”