Al Qaeda Behind Terror Scare

U.S. officials have zeroed-in on al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula as the culprit in the purported terror plot disrupted Thursday. Two suspicious packages sent from Yemen, both aboard cargo planes bound for the U.S., were intercepted by authorities, one in Britain and one in Dubai. Fighter jets also accompanied a commercial flight from Dubai to JFK that was believed to be carrying suspicious cargo from Yemen; that plane has now landed at JFK. "The president was notified of a potential terrorist threat on Thursday night at 10:30," the White House said in a statement. The items were addressed to a synagogue and a Jewish center in Chicago, according to NBC News. Yemen, a known haven for terrorist groups, was also linked to the attempted bombing of a U.S. jetliner last Christmas. President Obama has ordered U.S. agencies to investigate whether the packages are part of a larger terrorist plot, according to CNN.