Al-Awlaki Inspired U.K. Plot

It seems there’s hardly a terror plot that’s not linked back to this guy these days: The Telegraph says the nine men on trial in Britain for an alleged Christmas Day bomb plot were inspired by the radical Yemeni cleric—and U.S. citizen—Anwar Al-Awlaki. The U.S. Embassy in London was among the targets eyed by men, according to a handwritten list of six possible targets near one of the men’s computers. The others were the London Stock Exchange, London Mayor Boris Johnson’s residence, the home of the Dean of the St. Paul’s Chapter House, and the homes of two rabbis. They were also observed checking out Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, and the Church of Scientology. Al-Awlaki has been linked to the recent cargo plane, Times Square, and Christmas Day 2009 bombing plots, as well as the Fort Hood shooting.