AIG's Private Playground?

Who owns Morefar Back O’Beyond—a private golf course that golfers at the nearby public course claim is always empty? "There has long been a rumor that it is the private playground of executives with American International Group, the embattled insurance giant,” reports The New York Times. Morefar officials refused to comment, but here’s what is known: The course was opened by AIG’s founder in 1964, and is now owned by Staff International, with an AIG spokesperson says “was a sister entity to A.I.G. It is no longer.” Hank Greenberg, who ran AIG for four decades until 2005, keeps a house down the road from the course and is said to have used it to reward clients. “All I’ve heard is that it’s a course for A.I.G. executives and that guys like us will never get to play it,” said a local golfer.