Afghan Hero Dog Accidentally Euthanized

After confronting a suicide bomber in Afghanistan and getting a welcomed to America by Oprah, a stray Afghan dog named Target, was euthanized by mistake. Target and two other dogs snarled at a suicide bomber who entered an American military barracks in February, causing him to detonate his bomb at the entrance, killing no one. Target was then brought to the U.S. and adopted by an Army medic at the barracks Target defended. Tragically, Target escaped the yard in Arizona and was picked up by animal control. Sergeant Terry Young, Target’s owner, paid online to recover her, but when he came Monday he discovered she’d been euthanized by mistake. The staffer who put Target to sleep is on administrative leave and an investigation into the shelter is ongoing. “We are not shying away from this,” said Heather Murphy, a county spokeswoman. “We screwed up, and we’re acknowledging that.”