Affluenza Teen to Serve 2 Years in Jail

Ethan Couch, the so-called Affluenza Teen who turned 19 this week, has been sentenced to prison for about two years following his capture in Mexico. “You’re not getting out of jail today,” Judge Wayne Salvant told Couch at his first hearing since his birthday, marking his case’s official transfer to adult court. Couch will be jailed for 180 days on each of his four counts of intoxication manslaughter, after he killed four people in a DWI crash three years ago, when he was 16. Upon his release, Couch will not be allowed to drive or consume alcohol. Salvant said he will review recommendations from Couch’s lawyers and prosecutors before making a final decision on Couch’s probationary terms. “Nothing I do is in stone,” Salvant said, “so I might reconsider.” Salvant added that both sides will get the chance to argue their cases before him in the coming weeks.