Live From Comic-Con

Adrien Brody Is Not Ant Man

Jace Lacob reports: Comic-Con is the go-to venue for making announcements about film and television casting, but it's also the place to slam down persistent rumors. During an interview with The Daily Beast in support of his new film, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (which opens August 13), director Edgar Wright denied reports that Adrien Brody had signed on to star in the upcoming Marvel superhero film Ant Man, and categorically denied that there would be any announcement at Comic-Con of that nature. (The character will topline a feature film and could appear in Joss Whedon's upcoming Avengers movie.) "Not true," said Wright about Brody taking on the role. "I haven't even started working on that again. I get asked by journalists about that and you just want to say, 'Oh, let them speculate, it's all fun.' But then someone says, 'So, Adrien Brody for Ant Man, they're announcing it at Comic-Con. Can we get a statement from you?' And then I quickly email [producer] Kevin Feige to ask, 'That's not true that Adrien Brody is playing Ant Man, is it?' But, no, it's not true."