Royal Pain

Activists Lash Out at Prince Harry

Prince Harry is getting walloped in the tabloids yet again, this time accused of animal cruelty. The polo-playing chap allegedly cut his horse with one of his spurs during a July match at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park, and continued to ride the pony despite its obviously bloody injury. Animal welfare activists have decried the incident and lambasted the Prince for being "heartless," while The Hurlingham Polo Association has opened an investigation into the matter. According to the sports rules, "Any player intentionally striking another player or any pony with his stick, or abusing his pony by excessive use of the whip or spurs shall be severely penalized." Said a spokesman for the Prince: “As soon as the cut was noticed, play was stopped and the horse was treated properly. The horse was absolutely fine and returned to the field immediately... Prince Harry takes the welfare of his horses incredibly seriously and has been riding this horse for many years."