A-Rod's Man Boobs

Alex Rodriguez has said he just wants to get back to playing baseball after being crucified by the media in the wake of his steroid confession. Muckraking reporter Selena Roberts has other plans. In her new book, A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez, the journalist reveals that the slugger used performance-enhancing drugs in the Yankee clubhouse, and may have started abusing them as early as high school. Rodriguez's fellow Bronx Bombers nicknamed him "Bitch tits" in 2005 because he was developing—ahem—swollen pectoral muscles from steroid abuse. A-Rod had previously claimed that he only used the drugs while playing for the Texas Rangers. Roberts also accuses A-Fraud (as he was famously called by the Post) of "pitch tipping," a tactic that keys in opponents on upcoming pitches as a means to pad statistics during lopsided games. A-Rod, in turn, would expect the same favor.