A-Rod Tell-All Hits Shelves

Selena Roberts’ allegations that baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez may have used steroids as a teenager leaked last week, but now you can get them straight from the horse’s mouth: Roberts’ book, A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez hits shelves today. According to ESPN, “Roberts traces much of the slugger's behavior to his father's decision to separate from the family when Alex was 10.” In an interview with the Associated Press, Roberts said "I've talked to players who say he was using in high school, but if you want to discard that, you look at the physical evidence. You look at a player who by his own coach's account was unrecognizable his junior year because his body had changed so much. Scouts didn't recognize him. In his sophomore year he could barely bench press 100 pounds. By his junior year, he was bench pressing 300 pounds."