A Food Critic's Favorite Meals

Something to whet your appetite before lunch: What's the best meal in New York City? In his last column as the New York Times dining critic, Sam Sifton, recalls his favorite meals—a list that any foodie will want to memorize. His “most fascinating, most thought-provoking” meal was served at Roberta’s, where he dined on aged duck that was “as close to cheese as fowl.” A dish that will “haunt [his] memory” was the stuffed rotisserie chicken at Momofuku Ssam Bar, for which he had to wait for two months on a reservation list to finally order. And he has fond memories of the pupusas and garlicky rice served at La Joya de Ceren. The takeway? You don’t have to be a food critic to eat like one – you just need to have a hefty bank account.