A Farewell to the Old Hemingway

Just when you thought you'd read all of Hemingway's work, it turns out there's a whole lot left. At the end of January, thousands of Earnest Hemingway’s letters were discovered in the basement of Finca Vigia, his home-cum-museum in Havana. Curators are now digitizing the 3,000 pages of the previously unpublished correspondence, which they say shed new light on the writer's life. While the letters are said to not contribute much new factual insight on his life, they reveal Hemingway's previously unseen intimacy. Museum director Ada Alfonso said the letters “give a much better idea of who Ernest Hemingway really was.” And, thanks to a deal struck between the Cuban and American governments, some of the letters are already on view at the JFK Library in Boston. "This completes the story," library director Tom Putnam said of the new letters, which will all be on view by late spring.