A Day in the Life of George W. Bush

It’s no White House, but 10141 Daria Place in Dallas, TX, is home sweet home for George and Laura Bush. After two-thirds of Americans said that they disapproved of his performance when he left office in January, Bush has decided to live “squarely in the remaining 33 percent.” On his 1.13-acre property in Dallas, 43 is surrounded by people who love him (lawns in his neighborhood are all dotted with “Welcome Home, W” signs.) Life is leisurely, but some old habits die hard: although he longed for a more relaxed schedule after life in the White House, Bush still arrives at his Dallas office at 7:30 a.m. With the help of a speech writer, the former president works on his book all day, goes for a long evening bike ride, and then watches golf or baseball on TV. Because neither W. nor Laura feels at home in the kitchen, they’ve taken to eating meals brought by friends, or prepared meals from EatZi’s, a local grocery. Said a top Bush advisor: “He's secure in the place he's in. He's confident in the decisions he made. There's none of that 'Shoulda, woulda, coulda.' "