8M Pakistanis Need Immediate Aid

Pakistan isn’t getting enough money or emergency supplies to take care of the millions of people left in terrible conditions after the worst flooding there in 80 years, the United Nations said Tuesday. The death toll is still fairly low, around 1,300 to 1,600. But eight million people need immediate aid, a U.N. spokesman said. Only a tiny number have gotten the shelter, food and clean water they need. Looting and protests over food shortages are creating a mood of desperation in the most crowded area of Pakistan, Punjab province. A week ago, the U.N. called for $460 million in donations for short-term relief, but as of Tuesday, only $180 million is on its way, and $43 million more has been pledged. Humanitarian groups say the aid is coming more slowly because of sparse media coverage and many nations dealing with their own economic crises. Some say potential donors could be worried the money would end up going to the Taliban.