800 Families Sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11

1,500 9/11 first responders and the families of 800 victims have filed suit against Saudi Arabia, accusing the country of complicity in the terror attacks, PIX11 reports. The suit, filed in a Manhattan court on Monday, accuses Saudi Arabia of aiding some the 9/11 masterminds by allegedly helping them settle in the United States. The suit also accuses Saudi royals of funneling money to al Qaeda, and alleges that one Saudi official stayed in the hijackers’ Virginia hotel room the night before the attack. Aviation law firm Kreindler & Kreindler is representing the plaintiffs, and has not specified the damages they seek. Prior to September 2016, Americans were unable to sue Saudi Arabia for its alleged involvement in the attacks. But under the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which passed after Congress overrode a presidential veto, 9/11 victims gained the right to press charges against Saudi Arabia.