8 Wisc. Lawmakers Face Recall

Looks like the citizens of Wisconsin are making their opinions known via the voting booth. Eight Wisconsin lawmakers are facing recall, the Government Accountability Board says—as part of the backlash against the state’s anti-union bill that passed in March. Petitions to recall four state senators were filed on Friday alone. With the deadline for petitions in mid-May, GAB said it expects even more to be filed. “It’s supposed to be slacking off now, but it isn’t,” said GAB spokesman Reid Magney. “Not this year.” The office has never faced more than one recall petition at a time, so officials are unsure how long it will take to prepare for the votes. And it’s not a budget-saver either: GAB has requested an additional $40,800 from the state legislature’s Joint Finance Committee to pay for additional supplies and temporary workers to handle the workload.