500 Trapped for Hours on Subway

About 500 passengers were trapped on a disabled Manhattan-bound subway train in Queens for over seven hours without food, water, or heat. The A train, which was initially stuck above ground between the Aqueduct and Rockaway Blvd. stations, and then somehow managed to crawl to the Aqueduct Race Track station, was filled with people who had already waited hours for flights out of Kennedy Airport before they were ultimately canceled. The people were stuck on the train at approximately 1 a.m. and weren't rescued until about 8 a.m. A rescue train that was supposed to be sent to get them also got stuck. The train was reportedly disabled because the storm shut down power to the third rail. “It wasn't like the storm just snuck up on us,” said David Kelley, 25, who tried unsuccessfully to get to his security job at Kennedy before being forced to turn around. “They were aware ... They need to have a backup plan. This isn't a Third World country. This is New York City.”