5 Women Sue USC Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct by Campus Gynecologist

Five former students at the University of Southern California filed lawsuits against the school on Monday, alleging they were abused by a former campus gynecologist while they were receiving medical treatment. One of the women said Dr. George Tyndall, who’s been accused of inappropriately touching students over the course of nearly 20 years, put his hand into her vagina during a 2003 exam and made vulgar comments about her genitalia, the Los Angeles Times reported. Another woman said he groped her breasts and told her she “likely had AIDS,” when she didn’t, according to the newspaper. USC has come under fire for not suspending the doctor until 2016, after multiple misconduct reports had already been made against him. “The president and the board at USC have created a culture and attitude of dehumanizing people and devaluing decency,” said John Manly, who is representing four of the women. Manly recently scored a $500-million settlement from Michigan State University for victims of Dr. Larry Nassar.