Field Trip

32 First Ladies Promote Healthy Eating

Michelle Obama took 31 other first ladies—in town for U.N. Week—on a tour of sustainable agriculture in New York to promote healthy eating. The women visited the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, an organic restaurant that seeks to connect people to their food—and talked to 80 kids from nearby public schools. Obama had warned the woman—hailing from Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Estonia, Norway and elsewhere—to wear farm-appropriate outfits, but not all complied. Some struggled with their five-inch heels, others wore the elaborate headdresses of their native costumes. With Elisabeth Préval, Haiti’s first lady, Obama helped children gather eggs for their lunch. Obama went into the kitchen to watch the kids prepare pasta, but the Secret Service forced them to put away their knives. The goal of the trip was to teach kids where their food comes from, and maybe change the way they eat.