3 Arrested in Fire That Caused Atlanta Overpass Collapse

Atlanta authorities arrested three people on Friday in connection with a fire that caused an overpass on Interstate 85 to collapse a day earlier. Sgt. Cortez Stafford, a spokesman for the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, identified the suspects as Basil Eleby, Barry Thomas and Sophia Bruner, the New York Times reported Friday. Eleby, who was being held in police custody, faces a charge of first-degree damage to property, while the other two suspects were charged with trespassing and released. Jay Florence, deputy commissioner for the state department of insurance, told local media earlier Friday that the three suspects may be homeless. The fire that Eleby is accused of setting on Thursday caused a huge chunk of Interstate 85 overpass to collapse, causing road closures and major disruption to travel that is expected to last for several weeks. No one was injured in the incident.