2nd Jian Ghomeshi Victim Comes Forward

A second woman has come forward out of anonymity with allegations against CBC host Jian Ghomeshi, who was been accused by eight women now of sexual abuse. Reva Seth, a lawyer and author, wrote in a blog post on HuffPost Canada that she and Ghomeshi met in 2002, when she was 26. They saw each other occasionally, but once when Seth was at Ghomeshi’s house, he suddenly became “super angry, almost frenzied and disassociated.” He put his hands around her throat, pulled down her pants and “aggressively and violently” penetrated her with his fingers. Seth never went to the police because “I hadn't been raped,” she writes. “I had no interest in seeing him again or engaging the police in my life. I just wanted to continue on with my life as it was. And even if I had wanted to do something, as a lawyer, I'm well aware that the scenario was just a ‘he said/she said’ situation. I was aware that I, as a woman who had had a drink or two, shared a joint, had gone to his house willingly and had a sexual past, would be eviscerated. Cultural frameworks on this are powerful.”