27 Die in Bangladesh Gap Factory Fire

At least 27 people died and more than 100 others were injured in a fire at a Gap clothing factory in Bangladesh. Dozens of workers were forced to jump to their deaths from the burning building, as the fire trapped workers on the upper floors. Authorities said the fire broke out on the 10th floor, where pants are stored for shipment, and spread up to the 11th floor, where most workers were eating lunch in the cafeteria. Located just outside Dhaka, the factory had about 6,000 employees, many of whom were spared since they were out to lunch at the time of the fire. Bangladesh, home to 4,000 garment factories, has become one of the fastest-growing bases for textile firms, and workers’ safety has been a major concern for years. The Bangladeshi government said they would investigate the fire as well as provide compensation to the injured and the families of those killed.