21st Century Fox Using ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape in Harassment Seminars

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 21st Century Fox has been using President Trump’s infamous conversation with Billy Bush about grabbing women “by the pussy” as part of their internal sexual-harassment seminars for employees. “There was an audible gasp in the room, like, ‘Can you believe this is happening?’” one Fox employee recalled to THR. “They went through the scenario of the tape, why it was harassment and why it's something you should report," the employee explained. “Someone joked about getting fired for harassment and wondering if the defense could be, ‘We were only told a behavior was bad once in a seminar,’ but Fox News said it was ‘just locker room talk’ over and over again.” The presentation, as THR noted, was made especially awkward by the fact that multiple Fox News personalities (employees of 21st Century Fox) adamantly defended the future president’s remarks. One of those people is Bill O’Reilly, who himself has come under controversy for his own sexual-harassment scandals. “According to the source, a human resources executive quipped during the presentation that the department handled all of Fox except Fox News, so the presentation could not include any information about Ailes or O'Reilly,” THR added. “‘It was a joke...but it did not play well in the room,’ the employee notes.”