18 Members of White Supremacist Prison Gang Indicted in Oklahoma

Eighteen members of the Universal Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacist prison gang, have been indicted in Oklahoma. The indictment is unrelated to similar charges filed last week in Arkansas against 54 alleged members of the New Aryan Empire, another white supremacist prison gang. The Oklahoma members were charged with racketeering, drug conspiracy, and kidnapping that resulted in at least six homicides during the past 14 years, according to a federal indictment in Tulsa. The UAB is described in the indictment as a violent “whites only” gang based primarily in Oklahoma state prisons. “They are certainly one of the most fearsome (prison gangs). They’re aggressive and they’re violent,” U.S. Attorney Trent Shores said Thursday. “They are absolutely one of the most threatening and one of the most dangerous (gangs).”