15 Confederate Flag Flyers Charged with Making Terrorist Threats

Fifteen people associated with a Georgia “Respect the Flag” movement have been charged with making terroristic threats against black citizens this summer. On July 25, drivers of at least four pickup trucks, each flying Confederate rebel flags, rode up to a black child’s birthday party in the city of Douglasville and allegedly hurled racial epithets at partygoers. Video footage from the incident shows a female voice shouting “This is a child’s birthday party” at the passing trucks, with one passenger saying the n-word. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, one of armed men allegedly said “kill y’all [n-word].” Members of the group also have been charged with violating Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act. Two of the as-yet-unidentified men were also charged with battery in connection to an incident at a gas station that same day.